This fall, Queen Silvia Nursing Award will be offered to nursing students in Germany. Queen Silvia Nursing Award is a scholarship for nursing students that was first introduced in 2013 as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden. During the first year, the scholarship was available to nursing students in Sweden and it has since then been launched in Finland in 2014 and in Poland in 2016.

Queen Silvia Nursing Award will be made available to the german nursing students through a collaboration between Swedish Care International,  Förderverein Anna Wassenberg and a local group of collaborative partners. The first german scholar will be announced on the 23 of december in 2017 after which the scholar will receive their award at a price ceremony in Stockholm during the spring of 2018.

The recipient of Queen Silvia Nursing Award in Germany is awarded with a scholarship of 6 000 euros in addition to a unique, individually tailored internship program. During the internship the scholar has an opportunity to learn about healthcare and care of elderly from various viewpoints.

Elisabeth Blömmer, H.M. Drottning Silvia & Ulrich Zerhusen