The Alzheimer Society of Finland, established in 1988 with the expressed objective to provide help and assistance for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers, will be supporting the Finnish edition of the  Queen Silvia Nursing Award’s throughout the 2020-2021 cycle.

The Alzheimer Society of Finland consists of a national office with 2 local branches and 43 local associations across Finland with more than 14500 members. On a national scale, the Alzheimer Society works towards the following goals:

  • Improve the quality of life of people with memory diseases and their caregivers
  • Promote the legal, economical and social rights of people suffering from memory diseases
  • Develop the support system of people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers
  • Educate the professionals in health care
  • Influence the attitudes towards people with memory diseases
  • Influence the political decision making process

Says Katariina Suomu, Executive Director of The Alzheimer Society of Finland. “”I am extremely happy that The Alzheimer Society of Finland has joined the Queen Silvia Nursing Award Finland program. Promoting the scholarship enables us to speak about the importance of nursing skills and new innovations in the field of elderly and dementia care. Nordic countries are well known for our welfare model and high quality of care, but there’s always an opportunity to perform even better. 
Too often in public discussions the growing number of elderly and people with dementia is seen as a burden. Instead we should see it as an important and inspiring challenge instead.”

Petra Tegman, CEO of Swedish Care International, a co-founding partner of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, adds, “Tapping into the knowledge, reach and expertise of organizations such as The Alzheimer Society of Finland is of great importance in our efforts to further the main objective of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award – that is to encourage nursing talent to consider a future within skilled geriatric and dementia nursing. The Alzheimer Society of Finland has helped Finns for over 30 years with its local associations, helpful tips, and volunteer engagements while reaching upwards to inform policy. Working with Katariiina and her team is a great opportunity for the Queen Silvia Nursing Award to drive a more transparent dialogue about memory loss and the need for nursing talent in this area – something that continues to be important during coronavirus times.“

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award addresses one of the greatest challenges of our shared global future – population ageing and the need for quality elderly and dementia nursing. The scholarship motivates nurses and nursing students to become innovators for healthcare development while building and promoting competence in professional nursing.

The project was established in 2013 as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden in recognition of her long-standing association with, and support of, the elderly and dementia care.

Finland has celebrating nursing talent via the Queen Silvia Nursing Award since 2014. Winners have included Janina Viitasaari of Metropolia University (2019) and Maiju Björqkvist of Vaasa University (2018) amongst other talented nursing students.

2020 COVID-19 Focus

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award accepts applications from nurses and nursing students from Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania and America via the University of Washington School of Nursing.

The 2020 edition of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award is focused on COVID-19 care in healthcare environments. All interested nursing talent interested in applying for the Euro 6000 scholarship must submit an idea or solution to improve the nursing response to COVID-19 care. Extra merit will be given to any submission that specifically benefits the care and quality of life for older people or people living with dementia.

Through a network of national and local partnerships, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award has awarded over 20 national nursing scholars and received thousands of submissions to highlight the need for professional nursing skills within older person care.

The Alzheimer Society of Finland joins other Finnish partner group supporters such as Konstsamfundet, Attendo, Elisa, Nordnet, Oriflame, Vårdväskan/Color4Care and Puls & Träning.