On the 19th of April, Queen Silvia Nursing Award was presented to Saga Wahltsröm, from Mälardalen University in Sweden, Michelle Ena, of Novia University of Applied Sciences in Finland, and Natalia Duszeńska, from Medical University of Warsaw in Poland.


The jury consisting of partners to the project selected the Swedish scholar of the year, Saga, with the following statement: “An application based on language and communication support is timely and meets a great need for all of today’s health care. It is a well thought out idea with a structured solution that exudes creativity and curiosity, which makes Saga a worthy choice for the award.”

Saga Wahlström, is 24 years old from Enköping, Sweden, and is currently on her second year studying nursing at Mälardalens Högskola in Västerås. Saga’s idea is to create an app that focuses on language and communication support.


Michelle Ena, is 20 years old from Krokby, Finland, and now studies nursing at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Vasa. Michelle’s concept uses a bracelet to monitor vital body functions.

The jury’s motivation for awarding Michelle Ena was as follows:

“The device described by Michelle in her idea would support the care of elderly by increasing the sense of security among elderly persons and helping with the timing of different treatments. Michelle’s idea was carefully thought out, right down to the appearance of the device. She has considered various issues and problems that could be solved with the help of the device. Michelle is an excellent role model and inspiration to other nursing students as well as a good representative of Queen Silvia Nursing Award because she is interested in interested in elderly care and willing to develop her expertise in the field.”


Natalia Duszeńska, is 24 years old from Włocławek, Poland, and is a nursing student at the Medical University of Warsaw. Natalia’s idea is to create an organisation that focuses on helping the elderly realise their goals and dreams in order to improve their quality of life. The jury chose Natalia to be this year’s Polish scholar with the following motivation

“The project presented by Natalia proposed a number of ideas on how to involve non-governmental organisations, social assistance centres and local authorities to give joy to seniors by fulfilling their dreams. She is a great inspiration for others and an excellent example of how young people with their fresh perspective have a very important role to play. Natalia is a great representative of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award and her idea is a perfect opportunity to engage in dialogue and exchange views on care of the elderly.”

Queen Silvia Nursing Award was presented for the first time in 2013 and aimed at meeting one of today’s biggest health challenges by providing new ideas and skills in the care of the elderly. The goal is to raise the status of both training for nurses and the profession itself. The scholarship includes an award of 50 000:- SEK, as well as the chance to participate in a specially designed internship within the Swedish and international care sector. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student who contributes an idea that can improve the health and care of the elderly. The ideas are continually evaluated by the students themselves, and a final judgment is to be made by a jury consisting of our health care partners.

We would like to thank all of the partners supporting this project and would also like to thank all the wonderful universities that have helped make this scholarship a success.