GoesArt AB, a welfare technology company that specializes in products for people living with cognitive impairment, dementia and learning difficulties, has entered a 3-year partnership with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award program in Sweden.

Based in Varberg, Sweden, GoesArt is dedicated to the development of products that support health and well-being while improving the everyday lives of people living with challenges.  The company is the Swedish distributor for Dutch innovation Tovertafel  – an interactive “magic table” activity that is played directly on any flat surface, thus encouraging people with moderate to severe dementia to socialize with each other while stimulating physical movement and cognitive activation; as well as Denmark’s inmuRELAX – a multi-sensory stimulation tool, based on A.I. technology, that utilizes interactive music and pleasant vibrations to alleviate restlessness, anxiety and stress.

Says Ingela Sjöberg, CEO of GoesArt, “Welfare technology makes everyday life easier for so many – and the number of users is increasing. Nurses have a central role in maintaining society’s well-being, and it is through nurses that welfare aids often are introduced for individuals in need. This is why it is particularly relevant for GoesArt to support this group of healthcare professionals through the Queen Silvia Nursing Award in Sweden so that they are recognized for their contributions and impact.”  

Petra Tegman, CEO of SCI adds, “We are proud to have the dementia-friendly company GoesArt as our new partner, with their vision of finding products that makes daily life easier for a person living with cognitive decline while creating conditions for a better quality of life. We look forward to their stories and how they impact the care sphere in Sweden.”  

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award addresses one of the greatest challenges of our shared global future – population ageing and the need for quality elderly and dementia nursing. The scholarship motivates nursing talent to become innovators for healthcare development while building and promoting competence in professional nursing.

The project was established in 2013 as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden in recognition of her long-standing association with, and support of, the elderly and dementia care.


The Queen Silvia Nursing Award accepts applications from nurses and nursing students from Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania and America via the University of Washington School of Nursing.

The 2020 edition of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award is focused on COVID-19 care in healthcare environments. All interested nursing talent interested in applying for the Euro 6000 scholarship must submit an idea or solution to improve the nursing response to COVID-19 care. Extra merit will be given to any submission that specifically benefits the care and quality of life for the elderly or people living with dementia.

Through a network of national and local partnerships, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award has awarded over 20 national nursing scholars and received thousands of submissions to highlight the need for professional nursing skills within older person care. GoesArt joins other Queen Silvia Nursing Award Sweden partners such as Johanniterorden i Sverige, Home Instead, Attendo, Medicover, Nordnet, Vårdväskan, Bonliva, Vardaga, Svensk Sjuksköterskeförening, Hemsö and Proxident.