Addere Care of Lithuania announced today an ambition to lift the status of nursing as a profession in the country and to apply Swedish best practices in elderly and dementia care by joining Swedish Care International’s partner group. Addere Care will become a new main partner of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award in Lithuania. This responsibility includes arranging the international scholarship to lift nursing talent and encourage innovative ideas and solutions for care in the country. Also, all employees at Addere Care will be trained in Sweden’s Silviahemmet care philosophy to gain Silviahemmet E+ Certification.

Silviahemmet E+ Certification – care philosophy following Swedish guidelines

Alma Pudziūtė, CEO of Addere Care

Addere Care has a vision to change local care practices by introducing Swedish knowledge and methods. Says Alma Pudziute, CEO of Addere Care, “When establishing our nursing home, we not only wanted to provide much-needed nursing services, but also to deliver it at the highest possible quality levels. The diligence, receptivity and dedication of our nurses will be enriched by Swedish nursing principles and culture. When it comes to the quality of service, we turn to Sweden for its world-renowned principles and quality of care.”

This summer all Addere Care employees will undergo online training in Swedish dementia care practices based on Silviahemmet’s care philosophy. Management and team leaders will receive an introduction to Swedish teamwork, management and reflection practices thereafter. Upon the successful completion of all training stages, Addere Care will be awarded Silviahemmet E+ Certification confirming the level of the organization’s knowledge in Swedish dementia care practice.

The Silviahemmet care philosophy was developed by Stiftelsen Silviahemmet, a Swedish centre of excellence and knowledge in dementia care founded by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1996. More than a hundred nursing homes, hospital units and other care institutions in Sweden as well as in other countries like Germany, Japan and Brasil are certified by Stiftelsen Silviahemmet. Organizations that successfully complete the training receive a certificate signed by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden. Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden has been actively engaged in elderly and dementia care causes for more than twenty-five years, as her late mother lived with a diagnosis in her later years.  

Queen Silvia Nursing Award – lifting the nursing profession and encouraging innovations within the nursing sector

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award is an international scholarship that was established in 2013 as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden on her birthday. The program is currently available in Sweden, Finland, Germany and Poland. Addere Care will be the organizing partner from autumn 2020 onwards, making Lithuania the fifth country where the scholarship will be operated.

The project was founded to motivate contributions of ideas that lift the quality of life and care for an elderly patient or a person with a dementia diagnosis and to increase nursing students’ interest in the field of elderly and dementia care. 

In Her Majesty Queen Silvia’s greeting to nurses worldwide that was released today, Her Majesty congratulated the scholars of Queen Silvia Nursing Award: “I find it inspirational how young people are able to think dynamically and find innovative ways to improve care for the elderly and people with dementia”. 

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