The purpose of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award is to contribute to meeting one of the greatest challenges to our societies today – the sustainable care of the rapidly growing elderly and dementia diagnosed populations in the world. The scholarship promotes competence and new ideas related to good and sustainable care of the elderly all over the world. As competent professionals are the key to meeting future needs related to the ageing population, the goal is to increase students’ interest in the field of elderly and dementia care, and its development.

Queen Silvia Nursing Award aims to

  • encourage the exchange of ideas and dialogue concerning future development possibilities in elderly and dementia care
  • develop leadership and professional competence in the healthcare profession
  • lift the attractiveness of the nursing education and the nursing profession
  • promote the role of nurses, and their future opportunities working with the elderly

HISTORY 2013 – 2019

Throughout the years, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award has been filled with exciting developments, creative expressions and new ideas. The visions and ambitions for the award were set with high expectations, but many applicants have greatly exceeded those initial mileposts. This successful progression shows that our partnerships have not only extended to other areas of the world geographically, but that we have also reached wider audiences and more medical students.


In 2013 the award was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden’s birthday, the 23rd of December. The first pilot-project year relied on finding ways to drive steady and successful progress and interest. Over 3,000 online activities were generated by the 135 applicants who produced 334 original ideas. Additionally, the scholarship received great media coverage during its first year, and was featured in Vårdfokus and Dagens Medicin.


During the second year of the scholarship, activities intensified with over 44,000 registered activities in Finland and Sweden. The scholarship was launched in Finland in 2014 in hopes of taking the first steps to becoming an international scholarship. It also received endorsement from the then Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Ms. Paula Risikko. That year the scholarship received 505 applications. The Finnish scholar not only appeared in Finnish media, but was also awarded a prize called TEKEVÄ. This award is given to someone who has developed or had a positive impact on healthcare education in Finland.


2015 marked the third year of the scholarship. 294 new ideas were generated by the 219 nursing students who participated in Finland and Sweden. In December 2015, Pernilla Rönntoft from Sweden and Elias Kallio from Finland were announced as the year’s scholars. The award ceremony was held in conjunction with Stiftelsen Silviahemmet’s 20th anniversary at Aula Medica in Stockholm.


In 2016 the scholarship was launched in Poland through a new collaboration with Medicover Foundation. 3 new scholars were honoured at a prize ceremony at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, Sweden.


The scholarship is launched in Germany through a collaboration with St. Anna Stift, Kroge and Förderverein Anna Wassenberg.


The Queen Silvia Nursing Award celebrates winners from Sweden, Finland, Poland and Germany during a period of stabilization. 



February – May

Robust marketing initiatives  highlight the Main (Country) Partners that make the The Queen Silvia Nursing Award happen in the 4 countries. A month-long focus on each country is provided throughout the months of February to May 2020.

On International Nurses Day 2020, the 5th Queen Silvia Nursing Award country is announced with Lithuania joining the efforts to elevate nursing talent through a partnership with Addere Care.

Her Majesty also writes an open letter of thanks to nurses worldwide for their service and dedication during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


Announcement of the new COVID-19 focus for the 2020 cycle of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, as well as opening up the scholarship to practicing nurses and the nomination of nursing peers. 


The University of Washington School of Nursing announces its engagement with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award as the 6th scholarship country, and the 1st time the program is available in the Americas.