Maiju Björkqvist is a third-year nursing student at Vaasan Ammattikorkeakoulu.

Her idea is for an activity room for people with a dementia diagnosis.

“During my gerontology internship , I noticed that active people with a dementia diagnosis that are continuously limited. I asked my supervisor if there was a space / room in memory care facilities where people with dementia could freely visit and use without being restricted. This space could include sheets, towels etc. that the visitors with dementia can access to organize, fold or move to new places.

The place where I currently have my internships has all of its decorations and gadgets scaled back, and doors are locked so that the people with a dementia diagnosis avoid moving or reorganizing the interiors. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the person with dementia could find a door that was not locked? And that they could enter freely and touch and move safe materials at their discretion? My idea is for a room that is filled with day-to-day, safe items that the people with dementia can access, move, organize and touch freely. This would be an excellent way to create safe, secure and pleasant daily activities and pleasant tasks daily based on the person’s conditions.”