Julian Dieter (left) with Federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn
(Image credit: BMG/photothek)


Julian Dieter, who works in the administration of the nursing home St. Anna Stift Kroge, talked to the federal minister of health about the daily life of caring.

31-year-old Julian Dieter received an invitation for a dinner with the German federal health minister Jens Spahn. This came about through an outreach program of the ministry, in which they were looking for great examples of companies supporting their care staff in their daily work.

Within this program, which was called `Mehr Pflege-Kraft´ (More Nurse-Power) the ministry was looking for Best Cases of strengthening nurses in their daily work.  They received over 6,000 examples of special programs.  These included examples of how hospitals, nursing homes and other organisations are enhancing the work environment of caregivers.

At the beginning Julian Dieter started to compile information about what St. Anna Stift was doing for their staff. “When I started to write down what we had achieved in the last 12 months, the list was incredibly long!” Better salaries, a free daily sports program for staff and residents and the possibility to get advanced education at no charge came to mind. Also, work is being done to develop a kindergarten for the employee’s children.  St. Anna Stift is also lobbying for young nursing students by partnering with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award in Germany as main partner. And these are just some of the Achievements reached in the last year. 

When he received the invitation to the dinner with the federal minister of health, he couldn´t believe his eyes. “I´ve never thought that I would get that chance to meet Jens Spahn!” Together with a total of ten invited carers and administrative workers from all over the country, Julian Dieter, who is also the Project Coordinator for the Queen Silvia Nursing Award Germany project, traveled to Berlin to meet Minister Spahn. While having dinner the invited participants talked about their daily work, the problems and their solutions to solve them. Spahn wrote down what he was told by the guests and listened very carefully, asked questions and praised the efforts to strengthen nurses in their daily work.

Julian Dieter enjoyed this evening very much, he said. “Most of the time you see politicians on TV or in the newspaper. When you meet them in person they are much more approachable and really take time to listen to what you want to tell them.”

Julian Dieter

Julian Dieter has worked at St. Anna Stift since July 2017. After his training as a nurse for people with special needs, he gathered experience working as a nurse in homecare for children. In 2013 he started studying Management for social services at the University of Vechta and achieved his bachelor’s degree. Now he is working in Project Management and is involved as Project Coordinator for the Queen Silvia Nursing Award.